Squid Ink Stained King Prawn & Crayfish (6 servings)

Squid Ink Stained King Prawn & Crayfish (6 servings)


A vibrant black pasta filled with a seafood mousse, chives and lemon.

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Free range eggs, Organic type 00 flour (Gluten), Salt, Olive oil, Cuttlefish ink (molluscs), Crayfish (35%)(Crustaceans), Cream (Milk), King prawns (35%), Chives, Lemon

Allergens in italics

Cooking instructions

Cook from frozen, bring a pan of water to the boil and cook ravioli for 4 minutes on a rolling boil.


Serve simply with: chilli olive oil / garlic butter / caper butter sauce / pan fried prawns / rocket salad

Chef it up, serve with: dill olive oil / dill caper butter sauce / crispy squid / chilli / lemon beurre blanc / gremolata / pesto / baked kale / garlic wilted spinach


Why the minimum order? This is simply to help us cover the cost of the sustainable packaging solution that we feel so passionate about, but the good news is they are frozen and can be kept in your freezer for up to 4 months, that is, If you can manage to not tuck into them for that long!

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Why frozen?

Ever wondered why the ravioli in supermarkets is so hard before cooking? That is because to get shelf life they are required to pasteurize it. There is too much moisture in the filling to dry it, unlike your tagliatelle or spaghetti for example. In our opinion this ruins the beauty that is real fresh ravioli and has tarnished its reputation, that’s what we are here to change.

All top restaurants serving real fresh ravioli freeze any that is not sold that day, they, like us, know that it is undeniably the best way to guarantee a freshness that is as if it has just been rolled.

We have a commitment to sustainability and consistency and we couldn’t think of anything worse than the thought of any ravioli going to waste. This way it can stay in your freezer for up to 4 months!

Enough of the stigma behind frozen food, trust us, try it!

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